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Universum History - Our Austria: Upper Austria

Universum History - Our Austria: Upper Austria

Fotograf: Heinz Laab, © e&a filmFotograf: Heinz Laab, © e&a film
Fotograf: Heinz Laab, © e&a filmFotograf: Heinz Laab, © e&a film


Forged by War and Occupation.

If there is a region in Austria that has been confronted by fundamental border drawings multiple times, then it is the Upper Austrian region of Mühlviertel. This is the homeland of Ferdinand Kohlberger’s family. An innkeeper in Freistadt, he experienced the history of the 20th century up close and personal: The demarcation of borders after WWI, the zoning boundaries during occupation, and the Iron Curtain of the Cold War.

The era that followed 1945 was especially marked: Occupied by the Red Army, the Mühlviertel’s affiliation with Upper Austria and thus Austria came into question. Many were afraid they would now become part of a different nation. This had happened before, after WWI, when the northern section of the former Danube Monarchy crownland fell to Czechoslovakia.


Christian Strasser
Karola Niederhuber
Dominic Marcus Singer
Markus Hamele
Lukas Wurm

Protagonists - Familie Kohlberger, Holly:
Ferdinand Kohlberger
Brigitte Kohlberger
Felix Kohlberger
Helga Holly

Historical Consultant:
Kustos Fritz Fellner
Markéta Urbanová



Director: Sabine Derflinger

Script: Thomas Baum

ORF Program Resource Manager: Gabriele Wistawel
ORF Program Resource Assistant: Elisabeth Faber, Roman Landauer
ORF Manager: Gerhard Klein
ORF Program Supervisor: Tom Matzek
ORF Editor: Birgit Peters

Producers: Markus Pauser, Erich Schindlecker

Production Manager: Jeannette Ziemeck
Unit Manager: Heinz Laab

Camera: Eva Testor
Sound Engineer: Georg Misch, Roland Winkler, Nora Czamler
Editing: Petra Zöpnek
Costume: Isabella Derflinger
Make-up: Susi Weichesmiller (Spielfilmteil), Sonja Aigner und Carina Tröbinger (Dokuteil)
Music: Kurt Adametz

Festivals, Nominations & Awards


A co-production by ORF and e&a film, sponsored by the State of Upper Austria, the Austrian Ministry of Education, and the Future Fund of the Republic of Austria.

45 min