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The Mamba

The Mamba


The Mamba is a top international terrorist, a deadly close-combat fighter, an expert in explosives, and a master of camouflage and deceit. In contrast, Hossein Sarivi (Michael Niavarani) is a well-behaved husband with a job as a sound designer in a cookie factory. The Mamba and Sarivi are look-alikes who have never met before. While clumsy, eccentric, and naive Sarivi is secretly looking for another job in the hopes that his domineering wife Pari (Proschat Madani) doesn’t realise that he has been fired from his job without notice, it comes about that people think he is The Mamba.

Without understanding what is happening to him, Sarivi runs into some dubious Russians who send him on a dangerous mission leading him from Vienna to London and all the way to Casablanca. When Sarivi becomes the target of neurotic CIA agent Bronski (Christoph Maria Herbst), even the real Mamba becomes his enemy.

To make matters worse, Sarivi encounters a beautiful young terrorist named Sherazade (Melika Foroutan), who idolizes the alleged professional killer as a hero. Sarivi is inspired to new feelings for the beauty during their unavoidable collaboration while preparing a breakneck terror attack on an atomic power plant in France. When everyone involved finally meets, masks are dropped and Sarivi not only has to save his own hide, he must also prevent a global catastrophe.

The Mamba is a fast-paced mix-up comedy that plays with the conventions of the spy movie genre. In a highly amusing double role, top Austrian comedian Michael Niavarani vies for attention with “Stromberg” Christoph Maria Herbst.


Michael Niavarani
Christoph Maria Herbst
Melika Foroutan
Proschat Madani
…and many more


Director: Ali Samadi Ahadi

Script: Arne Nolting, Ali Samadi Ahadi

Producers: Markus Pauser, Erich Schindlecker (e&a film); Frank Geiger,
Mohammad Farokhmanesh, Armin Hofmann (brave new work)
Co-Producers: Helge Sasse, Solveig Fina

Production Manager: Robert Sattler
Unit Manager: Peter Muhr
Set Manager: Philipp Tröstner
Production Coordinator: Sandra Hirscher, Natalie Otte
Production Assistant: Elise Lein

Director of Photography: Marcus Kanter
Gaffer: Werner Stibitz
Composer: Marcus Nigsch
Casting: Pujeh Taghdisi
Make-Up Artist: Monika Fischer-Vorauer, Karoline Strobl
Costume Design: Theresa Ebner-Lazek
Production Design: Veronika Merlin
Sound Engineer: Heinz Ebner
Sound Design: Stephan Konken, Hartmut Teschemacher
Editing: Bettina Mazakarini

Festivals, Nominations & Awards


e&a film

brave new work film, Germany
Senator Film, Germany

Austrian Film Institute
Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF (Film/Television Agreement)
Vienna Film Fund
FISA ¬– Film Location Austria
Lower Austria
DFFF – German Federal Film Fund
Nordmedia (Germany)

Filming Locations:
Vienna, Lower Austria, Morocco, Germany

Senator Film Austria / Constantin Film

Duration: 93 minutes