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The Lottery Winners

The Lottery Winners
Comedy Series

The German broadcasting company WDR has successfully remade the show as The Kings of Lottery for the German market, where it has been on air since April 2012.


A dream comes true for the Deschek family – they win the lottery! The massive lottery jackpot of 12 million euro changes their lives overnight. With the help of a psychologist from the lottery agency, the Viennese family tries to learn how to cope with the situation. Their motto, “Be rich, but don’t show it.” Not necessarily an easy undertaking, we see as the show unravels.


Reinhard Nowak
Theresia Haiger
Brigitte Neumeister
David Heissig
Hilde Dalik
Alexander Pschill
…and many more


Director: Leo Bauer

Editor ORF: Bernhard Natschläger

Script: Fritz Schindlecker
Co-Writers: Rainer Hackstock, Robert Mohor, Franz Rothner, Leo Bauer

Producers: Markus Pauser, Erich Schindlecker

Production Manager: Robert Sattler
Unit Manager: Heidi Hasenzagel, Karin Amcher
Set Manager: Désirée Somos, Andreas Rottensteiner
Production Coordinator: Sandra Hirscher

Director of Photography: Robert Dorner
Gaffer: Wolfgang Vince
Sound Engineer: Walter Fiklocki
Production Design: Georg Resetschnig
Costume Design: Maurizio Giambra
Make-Up Artist: Hannelore Uhrmacher, Marcus Zenaty, Claudia Herold, and others
Composer: Marcus Nigsch
Editing: Bernhard Schmid, Christian Pilsl

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Produced for ORF – the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.

Season 1: 2008
Season 2: 2010
Season 3: 2011

Duration: 10 episodes per season, 25 minutes each