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The Cabaret Summit April 2019

The Cabaret Summit April 2019
Cabaret Show


The Cabaret Summit is going into its fifth round! After a successful kick-off in January and November 2017, as well as in May and December 2018, the next big Cabaret Summit Meeting will be on April 29 & 30!

The following stars will appear at third Cabaret Summit in April 2019: Klaus Eckel, Thomas Maurer, Gery Seidl, Nadja Maleh und Kaya Yanar. Musical accompaniment & HardChor DIE ECHTEN


Klaus Eckel
Thomas Maurer
Gery Seidl
Nadja Maleh
Kaya Yanar

Musical accompaniment & HardChor by Die Echten


Stage Director: Wolfgang Preissl
Camera Director: Martin Begusch

Commissioning Editor: Peter Wustinger

Script Editors: Homajon Sefat

Producers: Markus Pauser, Erich Schindlecker

Production Manager: Robert Sattler
Production Coordinator: Sandra Hirscher

Camera: Wolfram Zöttl
Light Design: Helmut Krammer
Stage Design: Jacob Schaefer

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Co - production e&a film / ORF