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Roland Düringer - 50 Years Without Brakes

Roland Düringer - 50 Years Without Brakes


A film portrait commemorating an Austrian cabaret star’s 50th birthday.

Roland Düringer turned 50 on 31 October 2013. Ten years ago, few people would have thought that Düringer would one day be a leading figure in alternative lifestyles.

This show takes a look back at the last 50 years, reviewing Austrian film classics such as Muttertag (Mother’s Day), Hinterholz 8, Kaisermühlen Blues, The Gas Brothers, and Department 2412. But just when did Düringer start to move in a new direction? Was it a conscious decision? And how does he look back on his earlier successes?

Is the cocky cabaret performer from the movie Mother’s Day still the same guy who now calls his programmes lectures? Some find the new Düringer strange, while for others his new lifestyle – far from the mainstream – symbolizes their own longing to slow down.

50 Years without Brakes sketches the controversial artist Roland Düringer by approaching him with an entertaining blend of knee-slapping humour and serious thoughtfulness.



Director & Concept: Florian Kehrer

Commissioning Editor ORF: Hermann Prochaska

Producers: Markus Pauser, Erich Schindlecker

Production Manager: Robert Sattler
Production Coordinator: Sandra Hirscher

Camera: Oliver Indra (DOP), René Rothkopf, Mario Hötschl
Sound Engineer: Christoph Wallner
Editing: Roland Rathmair

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Co-produced by e&a film and ORF - the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.
Duration: 52 minutes