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Edgy Eckel

Edgy Eckel
Satirical Infotainment Talk Show


In the Edgy Eckel show, part of a special comedy series by the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF called The.Night, Klaus Eckel faces the great challenges of addressing major societal issues humorously and originally, with the right degree of seriousness and a large portion of humour.

Eckel looks for answers to the existential questions of life:
Do I really want to be as old as my grandfather? (And who will take care of me then?)
Do I have to actually know everything? Or can I just Google it?
Isn’t global warming sustainable enough?
Are politicians sometimes fed up with the people they represent, too?

Each episode revolves around a different sociological problem, with topics ranging from education, to growing old, to technologies of the future.
In order to examine all this issues from several angels, Eckel invites the stars and newcomers of the cabaret scene to discuss the topics along with experts in the field at hand.

The talk show series was filmed in the CasaNova, a renovated theatre in the heart of Vienna with a grand history of staging cabaret.


Klaus Eckel
Roland Düringer
Paul Pizzera
Robert Pfaller
Lukas Resetarits
Christof Spörk
Peter Iwaniewicz
Viktor Gernot
Gery Seidl
Hermann Knoflacher
Thomas Stipsits
BlöZinger – Robert Blöchl & Roland Penzinger
Nikolaus Glattauer
Mike Supancic
Christoph Krall
Erhard Busek
Andreas Vitásek
RaDeschnig – Nicole Radeschnig & Birgit Radeschnig
Marc Wittmann


Director: Peter Schröder

Concept: Klaus Eckel

Commissioning Editor ORF: Peter Wustinger

Producers: Markus Pauser, Erich Schindlecker

Production Manager: Stefan Ostermann
Production Coordinator: Sandra Hirscher

Director of Photography: Wolfram Zöttl
Gaffer: Helmut Krammer
Sound Engineer: Michael Priester
Production Design: Jacob Schaefer, Jami Vahdani
Make-Up Artist: Ursula Sautner, Christine Leuser
Composer: Peter Schröder
Editing: Peter Schröder

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Produced for ORF – the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.
Duration: 7 episodes, each app. 40 minutes