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Dorfer in Discussion

Dorfer in Discussion
Talk Series


As part of ORF’s cultural Monday programming, Alfred Dorfer invites different celebrities to join him in conversation.

Guests include: Stage director and Burgtheater director Matthias Hartmann, architect and cultural writer Fritz Achleitner, medical examiner Christian Reiter, Albertina director Klaus Albrecht Schröder, journalist Anneliese Rohrer, theatre actress Lotte Tobisch, writer Christine Nöstlinger, mathematician Rudolf Taschner, filmmaker Elisabeth T. Spira, physicist Werner Gruber, football coach Didi Constantini, chocolate manufacturer Josef Zotter, ordained priest Wolfgang Pucher, cartoonist Tex Rubinowitz, actor Klaus Maria Brandauer, abbot Gregor Henckel-Donnersmarck, journalist Hasnain Kazim, bank manager Christian Konrad, painter Christian Ludwig Attersee, theologist Adolf Holl, researcher Renée Schroeder, cook Kim Sohyi, mezzo-soprano Angelika Kirchschlager, sociologist Jean Ziegler, film producer Eric Pleskow, and refugee project supervisor Ute Bock.



Director: Peter Payer

Editor ORF: Franz Grabner, Otto Schwarz, Beate Thalberg

Concept: Alfred Dorfer

Producers: Markus Pauser, Erich Schindlecker

Production Manager: Robert Sattler
Location Manager: Désirée Somos, Christoph Sadofsky
Production Coordinator: Sandra Hirscher

Director of Photography: Thomas Prodinger
Gaffer: Wolfgang Vince, and others
Sound Engineers: Michael Priester, Claus Benischke
Costume Design: Caterina Czepek
Make-up Artists: Erika Zizala, Juliane Rezman-Hauser, and others
Editing: Bernhard Schmid, Gernot Foelsche, and others

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Produced for ORF – the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.
Duration: 25 minutes per show