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Crime Scene - Greed

Crime Scene - Greed
Crime Drama Series


An accident involving hydrofluoric acid takes place in a chemical plant and a young lab worker dies of poisoning. A defective protective suit is to blame. Since the victim Roswita was the godchild of Unit Supervisor Mr. Rauter, the boss of investigators Moritz Eisner and Bibi Fellner, the two stand ready to take over this special case, which would actually be in the jurisdiction of the labour inspectorate.

What seemed to be a work accident soon turns into a complicated criminal case when the Wendler Group CEO is found shot dead two days later.

The protective suit manufacturing company is a subsidiary of the Wendler Group, and there is evidence that it skimped on material and that actual product quality does not meet that stated on the certificates. Clues soon lead the investigators to the subsidiary company’s CEO, also the wife of the owner of the Wendler Group. Her husband has been in an institution for mentally disturbed offenders for quite some time and is soon to be released…


Harald Krassnitzer
Adele Neuhauser
Hubert Kramar
Stefan Puntigam
Maria Köstlinger
Anian Zollner
Johanna Mertinz
Thomas Nash
Eugen Knecht
Emily Cox
…and many more


Director: Robert Dornhelm

Script: Verena Kurth

Producers: Markus Pauser, Erich Schindlecker

Production Manager: Robert Sattler
Unit Manager: Heidi Hasenzagel
Set Manager: Claudia Eder
Production Coordinator: Sandra Hirscher

Director of Photography: Walter Kindler
Camera Operator: Erwin Lanzensberger
Gaffer: Kurt Jancik
Sound Engineer: Walter Fiklocki
Production Design: Hans Jager
Costume Design: Caterina Czepek
Make-Up Artist: Hannelore Uhrmacher, Birgit Hirscher
Editing: Ingrid Koller
Composer: Tommy Schobel

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Produced for ORF – the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation.
Duration: 88 minutes