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Company Profile

e&a film was founded by Markus Pauser and Erich Schindlecker in the summer of 2008.
At that time, Markus Pauser had already been working in the film business for more than 20 years.
Erich Schindlecker had equally long experience in the fields of artist management, the event industry, and film promotion.

“Our philosophy is to entertain our viewers while still keeping them challenged. Our productions aim to support imaginative thinking, originality, and inventiveness.
We believe that producing should never become just a routine, because creativity and flexibility are indispensable elements of a successful production. The language of images is global and has no boundaries.”

Dorfer’s Thursdaytalk is a political satire show developed together with cabaret artist Alfred Dorfer that remained an integral part of the ORF’s Thursday night programme for seven years.
This was followed by The Lottery Winners, the most successful 25-minute ORF series in years.
The first ten episodes of The Wild Gardener with and by Roland Düringer represent a fresh innovation in the special interest field, and the concept has been purchased internationally several times.
The Mamba, a comedy coproduction, arrived in cinemas in 2014, close on the heels of the art house documentary Backlights. Searching for Paul Celan.

We refuse to limit ourselves to one particular genre, which would – particularly in the film business – mean missing out on meeting interesting people, learning about important topics, and discovering fascinating stories.

The future of our company lies in cinematic and television productions.

Markus Pauser – Producer
Born in Vienna, Austria
1986-present: Various positions in the film sector
2008: Founded e&a film together with Erich Schindlecker

Erich Schindlecker – Producer
Born in Tulln, Austria
Self-employed since 1989 in artist management, event organisation, and promotion.
PR work for numerous films, including India, Hinterholz 8, Mother’s Day, and many more.